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We believe the game teaches the game. In all our programs we work from individual skills within the context of a game and build up to game strategy and decision making in game time drills and all out play.

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    Kerry Fitzpatrick

    About Kerry Fitzpatrick

    Head Coach/Owner of Push Volleyball Kerry Fitzpatrick has been involved in the sport of volleyball for over 25 years.  Throughout middle and high school, Kerry played club volleyball for nationally recognized programs including Tampa Bay Juniors.  She traveled the country attending camps and clinics hosted by top-ranked Division I coaches.  In 1996, she helped lead her nationally ranked (#1) high school team (Berkeley Preparatory, Tampa, Florida) to a State Championship.  After high school, Kerry attended North Carolina State University on a full-athletic scholarship.  [···]
Effort is one of those things that give meaning to life.
Effort means you care about something, that something is important to you and you are willing to work for it.

- Carol Dweck

Our Philosophy

Push Volleyball is Athlete Centered. Every athlete has different goals and here at Push we encourage players to set goals and allow us to help guide them towards those goals. In every program we take the time to ask the players what do you want to achieve today?

Push Volleyball encourages players to play with PURPOSE. We believe that players that are mindful and have intention behind every move they make will learn and develop a higher skill level and make smart game time decisions.

Push Volleyball encourages players to be brave and embrace the uncomfortable. Learning and growth happens when we step out of our safe, comfortable space.

Push Volleyball wants players to set goals and be brave, these are individual goals. Volleyball is a team sport and though we support individual success, it should never be at the expense of another athlete’s experience. We encourage our athletes to “make their teammates look good!”

Push Volleyball wants our athletes to HAVE FUN!!!