Level 1 and 2 Individual Skills Training (12 years – 16 years old)


Sundays, January 12th – February 16th 8:30am-10:30am.

Each week we will focus a different skill (passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense systems, offense systems. We will use our adaptive training model and flexible movement between 2 different levels.

Level 1: This level is for our newer players. Players are introduced to various individual skills and focus on drills that block the skill off for understanding of movement and performance of skill. Level 1s work towards free play to allow for transfer of skill to the chaos of the game.

Level 2: This level is for those that have a general understanding and foundation of movement/performance of skills. Players will perform skills in blocked off game like drills focused on the skill of of the day. Level 2s work towards playing in a system.



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To register online with The Works you need to go to the Member Portal and sign up. Once you have your login and password you will be  brought to your dashboard. From there scroll over Appointments and click on the classes link. You will need to click on the calendar to January 12th, scroll down to the volleyball link and sign up there.

You can also register in person at the Program desk,

Or call (603)742-2163 ex. 741


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