Level 3-4 Speedball – March 4th – April 8th


Wednesdays, March 4th – April 9th  7:00pm – 9:00pm Players will have the opportunity to play all parts of the game: passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense, and blocking.  Players will play the entire time, while coach gives personalized feedback to allow for improvement. Level 3/4 Speedball is for 9th-12th graders (Must get permission from Kerry if you are in middle school and want to join the high school group) Cost: $102 members $120 non-members

Level 3: This level is for players that have greater understanding and foundation of movement.performance of skills. Level 3 players have the ability to support other players around them, essentially allowing other players to play better. Players will perform skills in blocked off game like drills focused on the skill of of the day. Level 3s are ready for a faster pace and have a great understanding of playing within a system.

Level 4: Like level 3 in their understanding of performance of skill, these players have more power and “read” the game really well.

We can only accept 25 players. First come, First served!

We will allow for players that aren’t able to get in to put their names on a wait list and will open each week if we know our numbers allow.

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To register online with The Works you need to go to the Member Portal and sign up. Once you have your login and password you will be  brought to your dashboard. From there scroll over Appointments and click on the classes link. You will need to click on the calendar to March 4th, scroll down to the Speedball link and sign up there.

*note If you haven’t ever participated at a program at The Works you will need to call or register in person.

You can also register in person at the Program desk,

Or call (603)742-2163 ex. 741


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