Current Running Programs

Below are some of the programs we are currently accepting registrations for.

Other Programs Offered

Below are some of the other clinics we run at different times of the year. If you are interested in any specific ones you can contact me directly or subscribe below to receive updates on upcoming programs.

A variation of Queen of the Court that cuts down transition time to maximize contacts with the ball. Players will have the opportunity to play all parts of the game, passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense and blocking.

Are you interested in Push Volleyball bringing their techniques and mindset to develop your team? We will come to your gym and get your team prepared for the upcoming season.

The Push Volleyball Leagues will be 6v6 Queen of the Court.  Each player will be assigned a number.  On a weekly basis, players’ numbers will be mixed up and randomly placed into groups of six.

We bring Speedball to the beach to offer players to opportunity to have more touches on the ball, allowing for more growth to occur.

Players looking to work on and develop their individual skills, serving, passing, setting, hitting, this is the clinic for you.  Coach Kerry will focus on one skill each night giving you opportunities to perform those skills in focused game-like drills.

K-5th grade. We are shrinking the court and dropping the net height to allow younger kids to play!  Through guided discovery, the kids will learn the fundamentals and more while playing  1v1 and 2v2.

Teams are made up of at least 6 players, open to all girls under the age of 18.  This tournament is an opportunity for players to play with teammates of their choosing.  No coaches are allowed as players will be expected to strategize on their own, as a team.