Push Volleyball Leagues

The Push Volleyball Leagues will be 6v6 Queen of the Court.  Each player will be assigned a number.  On a weekly basis, players’ numbers will be mixed up and randomly placed into groups of six.  That group of six will strategize on a line-up and offensive system and play one game against another group of six.  Games will be played to 25.  After each game, numbers will be mixed up (again) and randomly placed into new groups of six to play a game to 25.  This format continues for the entire evening.  We estimate four to five games per night.

Scores for each game will be tracked over the course of the league.  The six players with the highest cumulative points at the end of the league will be the league winners.

Current Push Leagues

Below is a list of Push Leagues we are currently accepting registrations for.

If you do not see anything listed above that means we don’t have any programs with open registrations, please check back or sign up below to receive updates on when programs are added.